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As time goes by during this nevending pandemic, one certainty remains: many people are paying dearly due to  Covid-19, as well as the damage deriving from Covid-19 vaccines. With regards to the latter, denying the correlation between side effects and the jabs would be denying the virus itself.

It's not politics, it's not opportunism. It's simply A FACT.


Ever since day 1, countless doctors around the world have been dedicating their lives to curing Covid patients. As time went by though, they gradually turned their attention to vaccine damaged people as well, as the numbers began to rise tremendously. Their mission is not to express a political opinion, but simply to face the facts and cure people, no matter what their injury is, no matter what the cause is.

Although relatively little is still known about Covid, even less is known about vaccine side effects and nothing yet about possible future side effects, there are many doctors who are risking their carreers and lives to help people such as yourselves who seek help, ignoring those who deny Covid early treatment as well as any correlation between the vaccines and side effects.

When medical students become doctors, they take an oath: to cure the ill and never harm. Not all though keep faith to that oath. 

But those who remain faithful to the Hyppocratic Oath, won't ever stop doing their utmost to save their patients and no power to be will ever keep them from doing their job. This website is for them. This webiste is for you.

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