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ICS Covid and Vaccine Injury Report


If you're a doctor, you can help patients who report their illness or injury.

Your identity is safe, as patients will only see your nickname.

First register, then, once approved, go to the doctor dashboard.


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If you are currently ill with Covid or have vaccine side effects, fill in a report. It's FREE, it's easy and fast and if you wish, you can seek medical help.

Your identity and personal info are safe. Doctors will only see your nickname.

After the tremendous global success of the first International Covid Summit in Rome (ITALY) on Sept. 12-14, 2021, it became apparent that a shift was taking place. Whereas the emergency up 'til then was Covid, now a new dramatic trend was unfolding: Covid vaccine-related damage. In fact, many doctors whom until then had administered early treatment to Covid patients, were beginning to see and treat vaccine damaged patients instead. Everyday the number of vax injuries increases, in many cases surpassing the number of Covid infections. Therefore, more and more doctors are shuffling to find new treatments for the injured. Moreover, experts agree that the two most important vaccine adverse effect databases (VAERS and EUDRA) are fed by physicians in "passive" mode. Therefore, it is estimated that the number of real cases could be 10-100 times greater than the ones reported.

On a similar note, over the past two years many patients positive to Covid weren't able to find the answers they sought when opting for early treatment, since there were no specialized physicians in their area. 

This website was created to cater to all these patient types.

This platform aims at providing Covid or vaccine injured patients with an opportunity to report their ailments without any institutional filter. Likewise, doctors who cure either or both can autonomously reach out to those patients and treat them.

The ICSReport is not a medical service, nor does it aim at substituting medical authorities or institutions. The ICSReport is simply a platform that connects doctors to patients in order to help the latter find a cure to their ailments.

"Primum non nocere" (First, do no harm)

Hippocratic oath

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